A computer is our best friend without whom working becomes a mere impossibility. Therefore, it is equally critical to take care of the device and maintain it well. Over time, we usually come across dust inside the computer, which can undermine the cooling efficiency. 

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As a result, it leads to incurring a shorter span of the computer component. In order to keep your work companion running and in good condition, keep reading the following steps. 

Step 1: As the first step, it is mandatory to turn the computer off and unplug it from any electrical socket. 

Step 2: Start the cleaning process by dusting the internal components with the help of short bursts of air. However, keep yourself at a distance from memory, motherboard, and other parts. 

Step 3: Get rid of the dust accumulated on the case fans with the help of compressed air can. Make sure you hold it using a finger to keep it from spinning once the compressed air is blown into it. The blades can be extremely delicate, while they can even spin a lot quicker. 

Make most of the rubbing alcohol to wipe the blades off with the help of a cotton swab. Then, when the fans get challenging to reach and feel quite dirty, you can easily remove them to clean them with ease. 

Step 4: eliminate the dust build-up with the help of a compressed air can. When the case comes with a dust filter underneath, make sure you have it cleaned. 

Step 5: The heat sink and the fan mounted on the processer must be cleaned properly. Make most of a can of compressed air along with short bursts to blow the dust away. However, if you feel the buildup to be quite heavy, you might need to remove the sink and fan and have it cleaned thoroughly. First, however, make sure that you remember cleaning the thermal grease well. Following this, apply the thermal grease before you plan to reattach the heat sink. 

Step 6: In order to remove the thermal grease, you must get hold of lint-free cloth with the help of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the greater. You can always get hold of less concentrated alcohol, which might leave a residue with the potential ability to reduce the efficiency of the grease. 

Step 7: As a part of the last step, it is time to dust off the ports with the help of compressed air. This is when you need to clean the exterior vents using a cotton swab and alcohol. 


This is it; you are ready to clean the computer with the help of these few steps, you can embrace a cleaner computer in only a few hours. This is an easy way to clean the computer, and it can get easier by scheduling a cleaning time. 

Just like you have a study or work routine, you must schedule a cleaning time for the computer to be up and running. Then, when you take care of it, it takes care of you.

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How to clean your computer

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