“I searched home cleaning service in Williamsville, NY on google and scrolled through to find Sara’s Cleaning Service. I am so glad I did. It reminds me the way my mother used to clean. You can tell she puts a lot of heart into what she does and she never disappoints. I highly recommend her and her team. She is very particular about the people she hires. They are all very passionate people towards what they do.”

Tullio V. Williamsville, NY


“Sara is so generous that you will not want to use another maid service in Williamsville, NY again. I will continue to use her because she has integrity, she is always on time, does an exceptional cleaning job, and is a very loving person who a trust dearly.”

Lisa M. Williamsville, NY


“We have several offices here in Amherst, NY. Our employees and I are very satisfied with her professional office cleaning services. They are punctual, consistent, and highly motivated. You can’t go wrong with this business.”

Christopher C, Amherst, NY

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