How to clean white shoes

white shoes

White shoes are everyone’s staple and are a versatile color that works with all kinds of outfits. It is an ideal choice for the day and can be worn for any and every occasion. However, as pretty as they seem, it is a task to take care of them. It can be daunting to clean the shoes and keep them looking fresh and new. Let us discuss some of the best ways to clean white shoes. 

Step 1: Get rid of the loose dirt: 

At this step, you must remove the shoelaces in order to access the inner corners of the shoe well. In order to loosen the bits of dirt and mud, make sure you take the shoes out and further knock the bottoms together. Make most of a small and dry toothbrush along with a soft-bristled brush to remove the remaining dirt. Brush along the soles as well as the outer edges simultaneously. 

Step 2: Take care of the surface dirt: 

Squeeze the excess water out and wet the paper towel. Follow this process by gently wiping the exterior of the shoes. The process is helpful in getting rid of any big chunk of dirt caught in distinct parts of the shoe. Once you are done with the step, you can let it dry for around 10 minutes. 

Step 3: Use baking soda and vinegar: 

The best ingredient for cleaning your fresh pair of shoes is making most of the baking soda and white vinegar in a small bowl to form a paste. Follow the process by dipping the toothbrush in a mixture while applying it to the shoes. Scrub off softly to get rid of stains and dirt.  Make sure you allow it to be hard enough once it applies to the shoes. 

Once it is dry, brush the bits and wipe the remaining with the help of a soft cloth. However, for stubborn stains, make use of a bleach pen and wait for some time before washing the solution off. Make sure you leave them to air dry. 

Step 4: Scrub with the help of soap: 

This is one of the most satisfying steps where you need to wet the rap and lather it using ivory soap. Keep massaging the upper part until and unless the old color comes back. Wipe the soap off using a rap. 

Once you are done with this step, let the shoe air dry for around 10 minutes. Based on the amount of dirt in your shoes, you might need to repeat the process a few times. 


With these few steps, you can soon achieve a clean white shoe ready to show off. You can look for other chemical alternatives; however, be cautious of its impact. Hit the streets and awestruck your neighborhood with the perfect pair of white shoes that deserve everyone’s attention.

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How to clean white shoes and keep them white

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