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If you use a cast iron pan regularly to grill meats and vegetables, you must be aware that cleaning your pan is a hassle. However, you can simplify the entire process. For example, one of the first steps you should take in cleaning your cast iron pan is cleaning the pan once you are done cooking. You mustn’t soak the pan. If you soak cast iron pans in soap water, the grease and food particles adhere more strongly to the pan’s coating. Hence, it would help if you cleaned it immediately before the particles get time to stick to the pan. Some of the easiest methods to clean cast iron pans are as follows:

  • Invest in a firm brush

You should purchase a brush that is made to clean iron skillets. Usually, the bristles of these brushes are tough and sturdily riveted to the base of the brush. When you scrub the pan with the brush, there will be no chance of the bristles falling out of the brush’s base. Moreover, as the bristles are stiff, it can easily scrape out the remnants of the food that you have cooked in the pan. Additionally, a firm brush means you do not have to make much effort to remove the pan’s grease and dirt. Thus, it is a good idea to purchase a good brush when you purchase a cast iron pan.

  • Purchase a good quality detergent

To clean a cast-iron pan, you must use strong detergent. If you do not use a dishwashing liquid, you should use strong quality soap. Use the soap to lather the cast iron skillet thoroughly. You must then scrub the cast iron pan with the help of the scrubber that you have purchased. You can also add a little baking soda along with the dishwashing liquid or soap. These will increase the detergent’s strength and make it easier for you to remove the grease from the pan. Additionally, you can reduce the time you need to spend to clean the pan.

  • Cleaning the pan when still warm

This is advisable if you can handle the skillet when it is still warm. When the pan is still warm, you should wipe it down with a wet tissue. This will remove any grease remaining in the pan. This will make it easier for you to clean the pan with soap and water. But it would help if you did it when the pan is still warm; otherwise, you will not remove the excess grease.
Thus, cleaning a cast iron pan is not difficult. All you need to do is ensure that you clean the pan once you finish cooking. You mustn’t soak the pan in soap water as this will make it difficult to clean the pan and cause it to get rusted. So to have a clean and well-maintained iron pan in your kitchen, all you need is a firm brush, a good dishwashing detergent, and remember to clean the pan immediately after use.

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How To Clean A Cast Iron Pan & Avoid Rust

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